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AIREX into Malaysia

Written by: Gan Chee Kiam (Founder of Gym N Care, Diploma in Journalism)

Swiss Born in 1952

Swiss born in 1952 and being the first brand to manufacture foam mats, AIREX® is the world market leader in the field of training and therapy mats, making the best, most durable, most reliable mats and pads in the world.*

Year 2000 is a notable milestone for AIREX® in Malaysia. Gym N Care were appointed the distributor of Malaysia when consumers merely knew about the existence of foam mat. What flooded the market was low quality sponge mat. At that time,  even low-quality foam mat was hardly available in Malaysia. We are proud of ourselves being the pioneer of foam mat in Malaysia. Especially when seeing that foam mat has become the main players in mat market of Malaysia.

By working closely with local therapists, organizing courses such as Balance-pad Instructor Course conducted by our master trainer Sim Lee and sponsoring important fitness activities such as Reebok Fitness Convention with products like AIREX® mats, Fit Ball and other top quality fitness products, AIREX® mats and balance-pads becomes popular among professional including personal trainers, aerobic instructors, sport trainers, physiotherapists etc. As time goes by, due to its excellent quality and effort Gym N Care have put in,  AIREX® becomes popular to normal end-users in Malaysia. 

All AIREX® Swiss-made products are comprised of up to 96% of air, which makes them unique in the world. Air is the essence of AIREX® which gives users the friendliest support from within the mats and pads.*

Seeing is Believing

Being in market for more than 20 years, Gym N Care has witnessed many buyers told us about their AIREX® mats were still in good conditions after using for more than 10 years.

AIREX® mats is a strong, supportive and durable mat, being used in several fields in Malaysia including fitness & training, yoga & pilates, physio & rehabilitation, school & associations and prayers & meditations.

Below are quoted directly from AIREX® website about the character of AIREX® products in each field:

Fitness & Training:

The unique AIREX® products are indispensable companions in the realm of comfortable and efficient personal fitness and training. The damp-proof quality of AIREX® fitness and training products protects against cold, smooth or dirty surfaces, and prevents slippage during exercises. Their unique technology relieves strain on the spine, protects the joints and adapts to the individual anatomy. **

Yoga & Pilates:

Yoga and pilates have many things in common, but these two training concepts have different applications. They adapt movement and breathing individually and optimally to suit the needs of their respective practitioners. Although Yoga and pilates continuously develop new trends, their goal remains the same – to get your body and mind in sync. And a good mat can perfectly serve this purpose. In my space, my peace, a good Yoga and pilates mat delivers the required high rigidity, slip resistance and a good grip, especially during sweat-inducing exercises. **

Physio & Rehabilitation:

The high level of responsibility associated with therapy requires the highest quality. The therapeutic success and hygiene guide the application of unique AIREX® products in clinics, rehabilitation centers, and private practices. The AIREX® Mats and Balance-pads offer optimal support in manual therapy, physical therapy, ergotherapy and balneotherapy for individuals and groups. It is the right mat for every respective purpose. **

Schools & Associations

School and association sports span the broadest range of applications and have the highest demands. School and association sports, e.g. gymnastics or martial arts, require mats of maximum performance level. Coaches, trainers and teachers attach great importance to the protection of their protégés from injuries to support healthy growth and sports, and enhance their overall individual performance. **

Prayers & Meditations

On top of the above markets, here in Malaysia, AIREX® mats and pads are also being used for prayers and meditations among Muslims and Buddhists who need to carry out prayers and meditations frequently. With perfect cushioning, AIREX® provides the users with full protection on the knee when they need to constantly stand up and kneel down during prayers, while provides full supports to the back and buttocks for users who need to sit for long hours on one spot during meditations.

Visit Us

Gym N Care has been importing AIREX in bulk averagely every 3 months for more 10 years. Do visit our showrooms and you will have many varieties of choice with different colours and sizes, or you can buy directly from our online store.

In Gym N Care, we cater for you the best products available in the market and provide you the best service we could.

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* Summarised from part of AIREX® website.

** Quoted from AIREX® website.