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The Benefits of Jumping on a Trimilin Trampoline

The Lymphatic Systems - as important as the blood circulation

Lymph vessels are very important for the drainage of liquid from tissue. Distruptions of the lymphatic drainage lead to local accumulations (lymphedema). Lymph drainage can be improved through external influences, such as Trimilin training.

Experiments have demonstrated impressively that the body is just as healthy as its circulatory system. This does not only include the cardiovascular, but above all the lymphatic system. Each cell of our body is practically bathing in a watery tissue fluid, also called lymph. Approx. 85% of the body fluid consists of lymph. Nutrients and oxygen contained in the blood are transported to the cells via this fluid.

The lymph is also in charge of transporting metabolic waste products back to the blood stream. It is vital to keep this system circulating. The lymph channels are similar to veins and have one-way valves. These open when fluid is pressed forward by pressure from the outside. When the pressure subsides again and the fluid wants to flow back, the valves close.

However, there is just one problem: The system does not have a heart to ‘power’ it. The heart only propels the cardiovascular system. While the lymphatic system depends on external pressure to circulate, especially muscle contractions. At night it mainly is the breathing motion of the lungs which keeps the system moving.

To top speed within seconds

This is where another advantage of the Trimilin trampoline comes in. Even a light training of only a few minutes is a perfect stimulation of the lymphatic system. The constant change of weightlessness and gentle pressure on your entire vascular system is a perfect whole body lymph drainage. No other kind of training brings about such a comprehensive change of cell pressure with such little effort.

Do you want to strengthen your immune system? Do you want to expel bacteria and toxins as fast as possible from your body? Then you should exercise on the Trimilin Trampoline here and then throughout the day for a few minutes each time. This significantly speeds up your cellular metabolism. Waste products and toxins are pressed out of each cell. At the same time, you activate your circulation. The toxins can be removed and your cells are supplied with vital oxygen and nutrients.

Do you often feel tired and worn out during the day? Instead of coffee, why not try an invigorating oxygen shower for your brain and all other cells of your body. Take a 5-minute break on your Trimilin and enjoy the refreshing difference.

Trimilin trampoline ‘greases’ your skeleton

Back pain is a daily experience and hindrance for many people. Many are not aware that a lack of exercise is the actual cause.

The vertebrae are not perfused with blood. This is why ‘lubrication’ with tissue fluid is absolutely vital. It is the only way to keep the cartilaginous tissue elastic and functioning. Exercise on the Trimilin is truly ideal for this. With the constant gentle pressure change, the tissue fluid is pressed outand sucked in again. There is no better way to stimulate the metabolism of the vertebrae. At the same time, you automatically stimulate and train the entire supporting muscles along the spine.

Can you imagine a better training program for your back?

Jogging on clouds

The skeleton is the most rigid part of our body. This is why the bones are most susceptible for shocks and traumas. Jogging on hard ground is therefore not beneficial for everyone. It often results in damage to the ankle, knee and hip joints as well as the vertebrae.

When training on the soft, springy and elastic Trimilin, you achieve all the positive effects of jogging without the damaging impact of a hard floor.

Training on the Trimilin trampoline strengthens the cartilage of the joints, increases the production of red and white blood cells in the spinal cord and the number of collagen fibers for a stronger and better protection of the joints.