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The Evolve of Mini Trampoline in Malaysian Market

A Hamble Beginning

Before year 2000, mini trampoline was already quite popular in Malaysia as a child play exercise product. It is a natural development in the market to have a child play equipment to fulfil children’s jumping needs. If they don’t have trampolines to jump upon, children will jump on sofas, beds, even tables and chairs, and any other jumping platforms they can find. That will end up the damage costs more than buying a trampoline.

Jumping is an essential activity during child development which supports in muscle strength, bone strength, motor planning, balancing, overall health, as well as social interactions.

Kids and teens have very active osteoclast cells in their bones, contributing to remodeling during growth. They play an important role in the repair of fractures. It is therefore, even though these mini trampolines are made of extremely high resistant springs and hard mat, children still enjoy jumping on them. Due to the hardness and inflexibility, it is advisable not to jumping for long hours every day on these hard trampolines.

Our master trainer Sim Lee has written on her Master Degree thesis about the use of these hard trampolines for group fitness training. She found out during the experiment that all her model students who were fitness trainers suffered from knee pain after less than 6 months using them as training tools in her class.

Therapeutic Use

Right after year 2000, a German physiotherapy Hannah who was working in HUKM (Hospital Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) told us that he wanted to use mini trampoline for his therapeutic sessions but could not find any suitable type in Malaysia. Upon his request, in 2001 we imported Trimilin mini trampoline made in Germany into Malaysia.

Although the original purpose of importing Trimilin mini trampoline was for medical purpose, later we found that it was an excellent tool for child play as well. Due to the softness and responsiveness of its springs and mat, Trimilin provides a child with extra comfort and fun during the jumping. It is quite common to find kids refusing to leave our showroom with parents even after more than 20 minutes jumping and playing around our Trimilin in the showroom.

A few years later, we brought in Trimilin mini trampoline of rubber cable to provide the market with even more comfortable and softer jump.  Soft and responsive mini trampolines are excellent tools for lymphatic drainage, cardio exercise, balancing training, as well as child play. They are suitable for the whole family. Young and old, strong or weak. Adding a holding bar to a Trimilin is even efficient to a stroke patient for rehab training.

A few years later, a Swiss brand Belicon enter Malaysian market with mini trampoline of many short cables around the jumping mat. Providing the consumers with more options for high quality mini trampoline.

Gym N Care is proud to be the pioneer of premium quality mini trampoline in the market and is grateful to be the distributor of Trimilin in Malaysia.

In around 2015, Trimilin introduce a wise design Trimilin vario series which bares heavier user weight, while maximising the range of motion of the trampoline. It distributes the cable across a few triangle devices to prolong the cable holding area for better range of motion.

In 2016, Jumping Fitness mini trampoline program was introduced to Malaysia. Fitness with mini trampoline has become a popular exercise here. When it becomes popular, more and more similar products will emerge and together we build an active mini trampoline market in Malaysia.

Types of Mini Trampoline

With 20 years of experience dealing with premium quality mini trampoline, we catagerised mini trampoline that can be found in the market by its softness and responsiveness into 4 different types:

  • Soft and responsive: suitable for physiotherapy, child play and common exercise, Trimilin is one of the best of its kind.
  • Medium hard and responsive: suitable for high impact exercise, even jogging on top.
  • Hard, whether responsive or not: only suitable for very short period of time daily in child, and it is not suitable for adult because adult’s weight will increase the impact tremendously, furthermore adult osteoclast cells are not as active as kids and teens.
  • Soft but not responsive: long-term use will hurt the joint as the weak rebounding force will cause impact to the jumper’s joints all over the body.

For the good of your joints, we recommend you to choose a proper mini trampoline before start bouncing on it frequently. Only with a good and proper mini trampoline, it will provide the users with the best benefits.