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We Strengthen Your Body & Please Your Soul


Time passes by, memories stay within!

Gym N Care started in 1997 when Asian Financial Crisis took place. We had a difficult start running the company. When looking back, however, we realized that it gave us strength and wisdom to face the future. The pictures sharing here were of the moments that have provided us with strength, wisdom and love.

Click into the photos and you shall see the descriptions.


More memorable moments !


After learning Ball Gym Kiddy Course from us, the teacher started to teach children bouncing on the ball. She told us that eversince they have this activity, the kids became more obidient.

Our staffs’ presentation on the usage of AIREX Balance-pad for meditations.

We sponsed Nivea with dozen of Airex mats in a Fitness Class conducted by Sim Lee.

Gymnic Ball Course organized by Malaysian Youth and Sport Ministry.

The booth of our Hong Kong dealer in a Baby Expo in 2004

Our Ex Prime Minister than Deputy Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi was sitting on the ball in 2000.